dancing noodles 

Another Hot Pot experience here in Tianjin. The restaurant chain Haidilao has such good service they preset a waiting area with games, free drinks and snacks along with cozy little tables.  The place is open 24/7 so you know it’s popular so expect to wait in line. Since hot pot is a bit messy I had already known about the apron the waitress handed to me -similar to when you go to a lobster restaurant they place bibs on you knowing you’ll make a mess. But not just that- they gave us warm wet towels to clean up then a hair tie to pull out hair back and then any mobile 📱 phone that w​​as laying on the table got wrapped in a plastic cover.!  I knew I got messy with my hot pot but this was a lot of preparation. But they were correct! I thought my chopstick skills were good, but the good food and my mouth just couldn’t keep up with the yumminess. So lots of mess with my side of the table and it was a smart things to cover the cellphones. I felt like a toddler but I didn’t care. The food was very tasty and service maintained very good. My fave was the guy giving us the hand pulled noodles. He danced for us in a graceful circular motion while the noodles went around his head so of course I needed to order a second helping, very entertaining . I’ll go back. Many times .😋good food, fun eating style and dancing noodles.  Win win win. Also the Yingkoudao location is just next to a Sephora so I can stop by after to make sure all the hot pot sauce is wiped off my face and add some blush.  If you visit me here and we feel like waiting for a table then this is where we would go. ​One last thing, you order everything on an iPad with pictures so it’s easy and simple.  Great experience ⭐️​



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