Beware the green bunny 🐰 

EditThere are several bridges in Tianjin. Scenic viewpoints perfect for picture taking as well as other lurkey beings. I’m referring to the giant stuffed animal people. They hang out on the bridges with a creepy demeanor. I’m used to the Disney style of suited characters that dance around and seem to be able to emanate a cheerful personality behind the masks. These guys don’t dance or do any jazzy hands to make their suit appear jolly. They do a scary walk and blank stare – very not Disney. Instead they stalk little kids of tourists trying to get you to take photos together then afterwards demand money. We had an encounter last month. There were a couple of bears and monkeys on a bridge walk-chasing us, you know when they don’t want to appear too interested in us but they move very fast in your direction- I kept signaling we weren’t interested and the  🐻 bear insisted to take a photo. Mr. Creepy Bear then grabs my son’s hands to pose for a pic. I give in and snap a shot say thx and start walking away. Big mistake because then we became part of a giant monkey and bear cat and mouse scene as they chased us to pay money (ok in the same walk-chase fashion that they initially got to us). I could have just paid but I wasn’t feeling it and they freaked me out. So now, we go on those bridges and we know better. We yell to eachother to beware of the green bunny. Even looking at the photo above the stance of the bunny is more like a bridge troll rather than friendly Easter egg helper. Poor kids, they’ll have nightmares of giant bears. 


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