from Instagram: http://ift.tt/2lv5UwS
Located in the middle of the city, is the newest luxury hotel in Tianjin. The Four Seasons Hotel Tianjin is located just at Yingkoudao metro station and Isetan Department store. I was able to get a tour of the Italian and Cantonese restaurants. The Cantonese restaurant has one of my favorite features that restaurants in China often offer. About 20 private rooms for smaller parties of 15 to 20 people. So nice to book a reservation and get a private room for just your friends. In the US it’s not so often that restaurants offer private rooms unless you pay a lot extra or for many people. In China, even smaller everyday restaurants will have the option for private dinner rooms. Some of them even have sofas, pool tables, tv’s and karaoke machines. I love it! So of course the Four Seasons Tianjin will have this option for guests because it’s just the norm. Among visiting VIPs it’s popular to book the rooms for biz meetings. So if you get to visit China for a conference or meeting don’t be surprised to get a private room. For families it’s a great option. If you have little ones running around you can enjoy your meal and let the kids run around the room or sleep on the sofa so you can enjoy your roast duck  and dumplings.

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