Experienced our first real CNY and now it’s back to school. Thankful. 

Back to school . After a month off from classes they return to classes. I’m so proud of their toughness and ability to keep trying. It’s not easy for them with such a change from their fancy old life but here I have seen such a happiness and appreciation that I don’t miss my old home. Their language has improved so much and there is something to be said about being where your heritage originated. They feel this in how they are living here and I can tell this will make them stronger. They’ll understand that the next generation of Asian will be something they are part of -not as outsiders, not as the token Asian kid in the “group” but as their own new level of Asian . These kids that can speak English Mandarin French Portuguese fluently -can navigate without insecurity. I love to see this. Growing up having people call me names – chink, that my food was gross and looked like maggots etc. spit on me at the bus stop. Just keeping it real that’s my own experience, but I know many Asian Americans (especially ones growing up west coast or in big Asian communities) feel otherwise. I’m thankful for my experience in the States, great life there too,but now I have different eyes and can understand the difference of how it is to be treated just by what you look like. And today I see my boys how the local people say they “returned home”- how they are so proud of them and embrace us with so much love. I feel this is the best I can feel to give to them. We had our first Chinese New Year- a real one- and it’s now our favorite holiday. People ask me if I miss home and I say “not yet”, but really inside I feel at home already and that I’ve been away all this time.


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