Cool finds in Tianjin💜🌺

I’ve met some pretty interesting people here in Tianjin. Expat community, business people, local leaders etc. They come from all over the world 🌎 for different reasons and I get to learn from them. Recently I’ve met some amazing artists working in a historic villa in a part of town that used to be occupied by the British. I’m able to attend a 🎨 painting class every week. It’s not what I remembered China to be when I first visited 16 years ago. European buildings, cappuccino’s ( the good snowy frothy kind when they make a coffee ☕️ flower design on the top)and local artisans. The villa often has different classes and events. I met a clever artist, Ksenija, at  the villa a couple months ago. Serbian beauty with skills doing woolen arts, paper decoupage, paints etc. The last time I saw her at the villa she was wearing this woolen flower that smelled like Neroli(orange blossom). I admired her flower pin and then she tells me she teaches classes as well as has kiosk she sells from at local artisan markets in town. How lucky I am to meet such people here! I’m hoping to learn how to make this heart ❤️ ring she has, it’s perfect for my style. If anyone wants to take the class with me or contact her yourself: . I’ll ask if she has an Etsy account. I’ll prepare for next year’s Valentine’s Day, make a ton of them and give to friends 💜💜💜💜👌🏽. Looking forward to this new year full of new friends and learning new art. 

Ksenija Art Tianjin


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