Rooster 🐔 fashion.  

All of this rooster fashion is going on in China malls. I love it 😍 🇨🇳🐓.I also eat chicken feet and spit out the bones when I eat dim sum so I plan to get some rooster swag and cockadoodledoo.  I really liked the golden rooster jacket but unfortunately it had a big “RAW”across the back since it’s made by G-Star Raw. If you look at the t-shirt under the jacket you’ll see a big “A”- bc it says RAW, and it’s printed the same way on the back . It’s too bad they wanted to print their brand name on the artistically done rooster – just to ruin it with RAW. The golden embroidered rooster looks more like a phoenix  than KFC so it has a better aesthetic. Unfortunately the jacket was about $500US so I wasn’t going to purchase it.  The Levi’s denim jacket was fun but pretty much just an iron on white patch with a rock n roll rooster 🐔, (more appropriate for my 8th grader)and I’d probably want to rid the patch once the year of the rooster was over. 

Levi’s Jean Jacket 👖
G-Star Raw Jeans 👖


2 thoughts on “Rooster 🐔 fashion.  

  1. I happen to live in Houston, Texas, U.S.A. We have a bus transport system and seniors/ persons with disabilities get special privileges!
    Other states don’t have this, though!

    Love your blog! Enjoy your adventure!

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