Aging in 🇨🇳 vs America. 

 It’s not a surprise- we are all going to age . 🎅🏽👵🏻♿️🔰So let’s not pretend that we will be able to have the same life as we do now. It’s sad but true- so if you want to avoid extra stress for yourself then keep reading. I keep thinking how people age in China vs US. I see people dancing outside, practicing calligraphy and helping care of their grandchildren. Does this help them stay young ? Is it bc of the culture here? Not driving? 
I read an  article talking about what happens when seniors no longer have a drivers license. 👵🏻🎅🏽How not being able to drive around town changes their lifestyle. They loose friends, interaction, less access to their former life. I don’t think this is the case in countries that have great public transportation like Japan, China, Taiwan, Europe/ where you can access places easily or by bike. When I spent a summer in Taiwan I noticed that they even had a special metro train car area designated for seniors and they had metro workers that walked with seniors holding their arm escorting them to their next stop. I see so many seniors ride a bike here in China quite easily and get exercise while getting their market goods. Too bad that the US hasn’t invested more in nice metro, bullet trains or safer bike routes. The seniors in the US will be stuck in their nice houses in the middle of no where with no bus service. Living in China without driving has been a challenge bc I’ve had to learn how to get around town depending on public transport, plan ahead for grocery shopping 🛒 etc. I even need to plan my outfit for events depending on if I’ll have a driver or must take the subway bc walking in heels 👠 to the metro is tiring. I’m thankful to learn this lifestyle now so when I’m older I won’t feel that I need a car to see my friends, go shopping or have a good life. I suggest if you are getting older then think about this now, if you live in an area with no public transport then move now while you’re able to get comfortable in a neighborhood where it won’t matter if you can drive or not. Get to know the new area shops, bank, church without a car for the long plan. I had to go through this with my aging father and it was difficult. He didn’t want to give up driving but it was too dangerous. Thankfully his medical doctor verbally stated how it was a good idea to stop driving and that he supported us (his children) in not giving our dad the keys. This made it easier for our dad to let go of driving. If the senior can get accustomed to using uber then maybe that’s an option but it’s not as good as reliable or healthy as walking to the market or access to the metro. Here in China I have friends my age that don’t even drive, they won’t have to go through any drivers license withdrawal issues when the get old. They will have already been used to the life of walking, buses and bikes. They won’t loose friends, lifestyle or get depressed bc they feel embarrassed that they cannot drive. During my older age I will keep this info in my mind. It’s better to think about this now and not when it’s too troublesome and dramatic. Not planning ahead for your older years can be a huge burden on your children just as much as the sadness of not being able to drive by yourself. Better to be proactive on this. Having to deal with this issue first hand as a child of an aging parent is just as challenging- I actually think it to be more difficult- because my dad didn’t plan ahead for his old age. He refused to talk about it and then left his aging issues to his kids. So I will do my best not to do this to my own children. Thankfully I had my children much younger but if you are an older parent like my dad was-then realize that when your 40 year old child is having kids themselves it’s another challenge to care for their aging parents. Buying diapers in 2 sections of the market and doing pickup from school as well as the senior center is exhausting. When I see the pic of the lady looking sad losing her car I also feel bad for children.

Aging seniors / losing ability to drive 


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