I have brothers for your son. Let’s be friends. 

Today we went to the cafe. Our gang of boys sitting having 🍦 ice cream, joking around together. Behind one of my sons was another little boy peeking over a chair. He was with his mom and another lady. Since it was so obvious the little boy was so curious about us I asked my son closest to turn around and say hello. The little guy was shy and his mom and the other lady started to smile and laugh. I didn’t understand what they were saying until all of a sudden she pulled up a chair with us and ordered pastries, cakes and coffee for all of us. She tried to to get her son to talk with my boys and she as well in her broken English. We ended up together at a video game arcade and the boys all enjoyed being a group. I could tell the boy really enjoyed playing the games with my son’s and the mom watched them happily. I realized my boys have been so lucky to have each other all this time. They are closer than ever and didn’t know  that this new friend was enjoying being another brother in the group. (He appeared to be an only child) Afterward I let them know how happy that little boy was to play with them. Other kids at the arcade even stopped by our group and watched us play games as if they wanted to join our brother group. So today we made a new friend, got the chance to see this little boy smile so bright and appreciate what we have in our little/ big family. Thx u China 🇨🇳 for being nice today and we welcome more friends and brothers to our gang. 


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