Ricotta cheese doesn’t exist in China. Until now.

Shopping at a Chinese market is interesting and fun. So many different items to purchase and learn about. Living here for a couple months I still find it entertaining to walk through the market until I decided I wanted to make a lasagna. I needed ricotta cheese to make a nice one and no market had any. They don’t  have ricotta at all. This was an emergency for us. Thankfully I found out that you can make ricotta cheese from scratch with milk and lemons. All this time I thought ricotta cheese came in a big white plastic tub with the Italian flag on it. I easily made the cheese even without the fancy equipment it the recipe asked for and surprised how good it was.     Fresh Ricotta Cheese Recipe  It is the best ricotta cheese I’ve ever had and I want to eat it alone with honey and strawberries. I would have never known about the fresh ricotta if they sold it at the local market here in Tianjin. I’m so happy that they don’t sell it. Nobody should sell ricotta cheese actually, that stuff in the white plastic tub is not going to be good enough anymore.

I’m so proud of myself. I made cheese!


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