Golden lady statue. Favorite Tianjin bridge. 

The bridge in the background has this golden statue. This past weekend I took some time to glance up at her face.  How her eyes and face looked. This is the first time to see a statue and think I looked similar. I could be related to someone that looks like her, and it feels familiar and I belong to this place somehow in some way I can’t really explain. It’s nothing I felt I missed, but now I know there is a place that has statues that look like I do. A very interesting and sweet feeling. Something new my husband and I noticed together as my kids just rode their scooters past the golden lady. They can grow up to think to themselves-of course there are statues that look like me, I pass by one everyday, it’s nothing  extraordinary,it’s just normal. If you are reading this and cannot relate:the next time you see a statue, magazine cover or tv actor imagine that every one of them didn’t resemble your face, eyes and skin. Does it make you feel familiar, an outsider or no change at all. ? I wonder if people will understand my feeling or just think it’s just a nice golden statue. 


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