Slipper or 👠 shoe ?

What do you think? Is it a slipper house shoe or an outside shoe you can wear to the mall??

Winter shoe ❄👠 fashion trend. Looks comfy with the fuzzy fur but looks so much like my house slippers. I keep seeing them at macdonalds as well as high end cafe and malls and keep thinking the gal forgot to change her shoes before leaving 🏡 home. But maybe I’m just not free thinking enough and need to wear my fuzzy slippers outside. They do have nice rubber soles so they could be considered a real shoe.  This is similar but not the same to the experience of seeing slipper shoes being worn at a Florida Walmart, American airport -you know what I’m talking about (Usually paired with some kind of pajama attire). This isn’t that . These gals look really cute wearing the slipper shoes not frumpy, I just think it’s crazy . Watch I’ll be wearing mine out tomorrow.🤔

A lot of the ones I see are UGG brand, considered a good brand, popular /high level brand here. There are even the “off brands of UGG” So maybe since they are so expensive for a house shoe they are thought good enough to be worn whenever you like. I think I just talked myself into wearing them to the coffee shop. 😃

UGG Women’s Slippers

UGG shoes


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