Purple Potato Latte #holilandcoffeeshop #holilandbakery

from Instagram: http://ift.tt/2igNxqt
Holiland Cafe and Bakery shop
I love this coffee shop/bakery/cake and pastry shop. In the winter I like to get the pumpkin or yam latte. They have an amazing milk tea drink selection; milk tea, rose & honey milk tea etc. Their  cheesecake bites are perfect and not too sweet-choose from classic cheesecake and during the holidays I noticed they added chocolate and rose cheesecake. Since they sell the cheesecake in little bite size pieces it is very deceiving as you will end up eating the whole box thinking you just had a little bite sized cheese cake. So don’t fall for it unless you deserve it after a good long walk from the train station. Beautiful and clean little shops.  BEWARE they do serve durian ice pops in the summer and the durian label looks much like the melon pop. -don’t get them mixed up !

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