My Holiday Letter


Before you read my post be aware: If you love to decorate for the holidays, have a 100 nutcracker soldiers all lined up on your fireplace, cherish displaying your great grandma’s whatever fancy gravy boat then do not read this. This isn’t for you to read. It It might make you think I’m laughing at you, possibly even make you feel upset. If you do love to put up lots of lights and have lots of that amazing storage space then I’m really happy for you that you are happy about it but don’t read my letter. You won’t like it. And I’m not laughing at you. 


My Holiday Letter,

The malls are still decorated with elaborate Christmas trees, music and holiday cheer.  We made a makeshift tree out of origami and a green blanket I threw over a wooden art easel. Living abroad watching how they do the holiday here makes me want to decorate less, buy less silly gifts and spend my time relaxing with the family instead of doing wasteful gestures. No high stress shopping crowded parking lots waiting for the cash register or amazon truck so no one steals your packages. I didn’t miss overeating, eating lame shortbread (it’s so dry anyway) cookies that look nice but taste like junk or feeling that I had to eat my friend’s potluck food to make her feel good. I think I saved myself from gaining 5 lbs, thousands of dollars, paper cuts and endless time wasted on a simple holiday with a sincere meaning that has nothing to do with trees and lights. I thought I would miss shopping at Target walking down the aisles thinking about buying some pumpkin nutmeg cinnamon something.  I enjoyed not exhausting my holiday. At first I felt guilty and selfish but now I just feel relaxed and content. This year was so nice not giving into the holiday push to fix up my home or buy junk that I don’t need. We spent time with some friends and had small gatherings, few nice gifts and made a couple of fave dishes. I know it sounds so humbug but you should try it sometime, you just might see things differently. I would like to save all that decoration and useless gift money and take the kids to Universal Studios in Osaka or Singapore! I won’t need to workout so much bc I didn’t eat that ugly sweater sugar cookie. Yaay for me bc I don’t need that stress! No one needs that and I won’t be bullied anymore. No guilt on holidays!  Holidays are about love, connecting with loved ones, being nice to each other and the origin of that holiday.  Best of all, my family is the closest and happiest we’ve ever been- yes it’s true even with out all the fancy gifts. Of course I still like to buy nice things but I don’t buy bc it’s a bully holiday thing, I buy bc I want to.  It all started with the shipment losing my blue sparkle tree. It got me thinking about holidays and how we don’t need to buy so many useless items. Now I’m glad it never got here. ! I do miss the gingerbread and tree lighting at my club and my Chanukah girlfriend but the rest not so much. I would rather go to the mall or your house and look at your decor and hard work and then go home to my house and enjoy not vacuuming up pine needles and worry that my tree will burn down the house or that I murdered a perfectly good tree just for 2 weeks of fresh tree smell( BTW I just bought the pine tree essential oil that is diffusing right now next to me so I’m good).  So BAAHUMBug to you Target, Toys R us, Nordstroms and your so easy to love sales- I don’t need you anymore and I’ve broken your fakie holiday spell!  freedom . yes. And I found it here, in China.






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