Happy Winter Solstice!


Dew to frost and light snow to the winter solstice, solar walk cut, worried about is still the same. The days are getting longer, and friendship are long. The Sun grew warm, let you feel happy. While warmer temperatures, cold edge have you take care of your body more healthy every day. Don’t forget to eat dumplings, fragrance, wrappings, joy and filling is good luck! Happy Winter Solstice!

Today is Winter Solstice, families get together and eat dumplings. Northern China has very delicious dumplings as well as easy to find restaurants. If you’ve been to Din Tai Fung you know what I mean – except that here the dumplings are bigger and juicier. I love to dunk them in my own special mix of soy sauce, black vinegar and hot 🌶 chili. I’m very happy that we can introduce this traditional Chinese holiday to our family and celebrate it together every year. Any holiday that has a specific food to eat is a good one! No buying of tiresome gifts, endless decorating just get together with your loved ones and eat =my kind of party. 


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