Pure oils added to the humidifier. 5 drops make my lungs feel good.

I packed up dozens of pure essential oils to use here in China. Thankfully they arrived safely and I am able to use them. For air quality I use them in my home.  5 drops of the pure oil to my humidifier really makes a difference. Throughout the day I might encounter different kinds of stink, often it’s cigarette smoke and my jackets and hair just act like a magnet to it.  Instead of becoming a febreeze person the oil and water vapor freshen it all up nicely. As soon as I open up my apartment door it smells clean and sweet- or might smell like chicken adobo bc I make that a lot . the pure oils are so amazing how it can lift your mood and health in just seconds.  At my school I carry some tangerines for a snack. I roll the skin of the tangerine so the oils burst out in the air making the classroom smell fresh. They other students commented how they liked it and know when I’m there- great convo starter as well! In the pic above are pure oils from Oregon, Apothecary Shoppe on Macadam in Portland. It is just as good as the Doterra which was super expensive. I also like KIS pure essential oils which are great quality and affordable- you can find them on Amazon, also the KIS company owners are an amazing family- buy from them.
from Instagram: http://ift.tt/2hUAkpW

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