Durian nightmare strikes again😫🍕

Durian keeps popping up in my food life here in China. It’s in a smoothie, in a custard latte, Macdonalds China even has it in a cake next to a chocolate dessert. I have to walk past it in the market all cut up stinking the area with that yellow fleshy brain-lung looking  fruit. Now it hit us where it really hurts. 🍕PIZZA🍕We discovered the wonderful world of home delivery options. Everything from ice cream to whoppers to roasted duck – we get it all delivered and we love it. Until today, we usually ordered from Pizza Hut. I was silly to try another restaurant. I thought it was a picture of cheese pizza but since I cannot read Mandarin then I was so wrong!😫 I also ordered some other items that fortunately weren’t laced with the durian nightmare.

Another interesting thing about China is that they give you plastic gloves to eat with. I love the gloves and I used them to throw away the nightmare pizza. Thank goodness for the gloves!

Tomorrow I will ask my Mandarin teacher to show me how to read Durian so that I don’t ever have another surprise like that again. What’s next, durian shampoo, durian smelly erasers, durian fabric softener, durian martini. noooo!!


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