Family haircut day a success 💇🏽

The last time I had my haircut in Asia it was a disaster. I was thinking that it would be better to just grow my hair longer and just get it cut when I returned home to the States. Back home we had our family haircut session every month. Our stylist basically closed her shop just for us and we would hang out and all get our hair done together family style. So this is a big thing for us. Husband wanted to try to replicate our family tradition here and I was really worried. So trying to make this our new home I went along with this and I’m happy with the results. The shop was very clean and the staff was super friendly. It reminded me of Bishops with the wall decor and vintage barber shop chairs. They had many different level of stylists available and washed our hair before and after the cut. A team of stylists and hair shampoo/assistants took care of my family. They gave us snacks and drinks and kept asking if we were happy and comfortable. So nice that we can now have our family tradition back again. China haircut 💇🏽 . #tianjin #china #pstyleshairstudio


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