Makeshift Christmas 🎄 Tree🎄🎄🎄

I’m trying not to be too humbug about it but a couple of our shipment boxes 📦 didn’t make it here. Not sure if they were accidentally put into our storage unit or somebody really liked my french press and Nordstrom pantsuit or just gone. Along with my coffee items  and other  lost clothing  was our blue sparkle Christmas tree. I packed the tree knowing it would be a cheerful reminder of home but it’s not anywhere to be found. I did find an architectural card game and my little one made a tower that looks somewhat like Christmas tree so it’ll do. He was so proud of his masterpiece that we declared it to be our family tree for the holiday. Much like this crazy tree  mixup we are having to do a lot of improvisation with daily tasks. It’s teaching us a lot about conveniences we used to have and how we can actually live without things we thought were needed. This tree will be super easy to clean up and tangled Christmas 🎄 lights are a nightmare anyway.  House Of Cards, Medium-sized. Along with some felt flowers that are designed to put on wine stems for parties.


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