Surviving  Air 😷 Pollution 

Everyday we check the AQI/air quality index and the weather as soon as we get wake up to prepare for the day. If you noticed that this summer the Beaverton Home Depot in Oregon has been without any N95 valve face masks😷 it is because I had continually cleaned out the shelves for many months to pack with our home shipment. The hundreds of masks, pure essential oils and 5 Austin Air cleaners are all being used on a daily basis to help keep our air nice and manageable. I purchased some humidifiers from MUJI and Walmart and add just 5 drops of the  pure oils. A day of city air, cigarette ☠️smoke and bus exhaust can make my head and body feel so tired🤕. After we installed all of the air cleaners, one in just about every room, I can’t ever live here them. One large filter is for 1500sq.ft but I don’t think it is enough. You will need a machine for bedroom, living room, kitchen at least- unless you want to wheel around your filter wherever you go in your home. We also wear face masks just about every day regardless of the AQI. One instance when we took a taxi 🚖 the driver spit💧 out the window a couple of times. When we got out my son let me know how he got some of that taxi spit on his cheek😳. So, face masks are great for that as well. You never know when the occasional flying spit might catch your face skin 😦 so I’m happy to just wear that mask. I also noticed that masks are great for feeling introverted, I can just wear the mask and keep to myself 😶. My little guy doesn’t have a problem wearing the mask and we agree that we look like ninjas walking to school. I have also noticed there are modern masks that are dark instead of white with a nice sleek cobra commander look (GI Joe,Destro👽). I’ve seen how the young gentlemen with very future-forward attire wear the mask as part of their outfits. I’ll need to get picks for that bc it’s pretty interesting. The ladies not so much as it probably messes up their makeup 💄 as it does to mine. Lots of my lipstick 💋ends up on the inside of the N95 valve but I don’t care I wear it anyway. So these our some few ways that the air quality has changed our lifestyle but we still are having a good time.

There are lots of kinds of pollution to worry about in life; air, water etc but also bad influences technology 📲and the media can easily negatively contribute. Even though the air quality here in China is not the best, the other kinds of mind pollution that were easily seen on the media back home are less here in China. Just a Victoria’s Secret 👙commercial on tv would make my boys blush🙈 not to mention the lack of clothing coverage girls think are acceptable these days. That kind of pollution to me is just as an issue as dirty air. Here I just install couple filters and wear a ninja mask. I can handle that for now.                                        

BTW, if you are interested in purchasing an Austin Air filter you can contact me. I decided to become a dealer for the filters before I left the States. I have not found any other air filter machine with a carbon filter more than 15 lbs as they use- thats what makes the difference in air quality, not the nice outer shell of the machine.


Pure essental oils added to a humidifier or just open the cap and breath the oil from the bottle seems to be helpful after a day with a high AQI.

Oshadhi- high quality pure oil


Austin Air cleaners. Thank goodness for these machines!


Best Air Filter available with 15lbs Carbon filter. Military/Hospital grade filter machine


Austin Air Filter Healthmate Plus



Wearing masks indoors because sometimes cigarette smoke can be too much for me.

Models with masks


Austin Air Cleaner

doTerra Essential Oils




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