Good Morning 


I have my Chinese classes close to this hotel so sometimes we stop in beforehand for breakfast & wifi. My favorite perk is this big guy that works at the dessert station. I’ve frequented this hotel about 20 times. The restaurant has servers giving out fresh little bites of fruit, small sandwiches and sweet tarts. As I’ve been here so many times , almost every weekday for a month, I noticed that the servers don’t always give every person in the dining room something off their tray. They just float around to wherever they see someone and skip to different tables. At first I thought they skipped over me bc I sometimes just ordered a coffee ☕️ ( mind you at US$$)  but I still got skipped over when I ordered buffet or off the menu. Because of this it kind of upset me at times as I felt that since I’m just a student reading my chinese book not looking as important than these businessesmen in their fancy golf plaid bright colors and suits. It’s awful when they pass you by with a deliciously looking hot appetizer. All except if this big guy- I call him that- bc he has a nice smile and never passes by us- he actually appears to make sure that we get something and I’m so lucky that he works at the dessert station! Lovely fresh and flaky croissants, egg custard mini bites fresh from the oven. He has such a kind face as well as if he knows the other servers skip us. So I’ll return to this place for the flowers, clean restroom and the big guy with desserts. But otherwise I would prefer macdonalds bc no one gets skipped over there and I like the rice porridge. Service counts and people can feel the difference when it’s genuine. Thx Big Guy 💟😘. 


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