Chinese Halloween 🎃🇨🇳


seafood buffet


Chef Kenny Fong


Scary ER nurse offering some cocktails to us.



The best part of this pic are the 2 little kids in the distance- they were so freaked out by the waiters dressed up in costumes.



Enter a caption



gross and disgusting dessert table selection. lots of blood and guts here, spiders, glass shards cupcakes and bloody syringe eyeball compote


Enter a caption



Enter a caption

brain chocolate cake



Ok this one was really disgusting-perfect for the boys because they are boys.


I thought that we would have to cancel this year’s Halloween 💀. Luckily we found out that one of our favorite hotels had planned out a haunted house ☠️themed dinner party complete with all the favorite Halloween treats- you know like eyeballs in strawberry pudding, witchy lady finger cookies all kinds of freaky looking foods that are already on their own weird looking but then they decorated them to a new level of disgusting. Honestly I was surprised. I think that the chef really made a huge effort to make the food look super scary and gross – almost too yuck involved because my youngest son really didn’t want to eat anything at first. I’ve never seen a Halloween family dinner party with such scary looking food. Maybe it’s bc in the States there is always that one person ready to complain or threaten to sue the restaurant for something stupid (macdonalds hot ☕️ lawsuit kind of complaining people) so restaurant owners are afraid to do extra crazy fun ideas. I could see how some scrunchy haired president of the PTA mom would call into Yelp and one star ⭐️ a good restaurant just bc her kid peed himself over an eyeball cupcake. The chef, Kenny Fong, is from Singapore 🇸🇬 so he was able to bring different kinds of cuisine to the selection- Chinese, Malaysian, Indian, Cantonese. The food looked spooky and gross but was very delicious 😋.Waiters were walking around in monster wear and I enjoyed watching this whole party evolve. Everyone enjoyed the 🇨🇳Chinese interpretation of an 🇺🇸American Halloween.  It’s funny bc I was so sad the other day that I wouldn’t be able to give the kids a real Halloween but I actually think this year it was better than the last one(☔️PDX rained out).  So for our first holiday here in Tianjin it went well for us🙂👻.Thank you to Chef Kenny Fong at the St. Regis Hotel- You made our family weekend amazing!


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