Delivery service in China is so easy it’s scary. Do I ever need to leave my home? Nope.

Next time you’re standing in the long queue for 🍕, hipsterfancy chicken wings, din tai fung, drive thru coffee or just sick of looking at long curly bearded servers🙈 or couldn’t handle another nice style eatery bullying you into bussing your own table after a $40 meal- just know that there is another option that could happen for you one day.  Yes, I’m not missing any of that inconvenience here in China. My sofa is comfy and my home has great Wifi.  I’m ok with not dealing with the peer pressure DIYmessy buss and recycle dish station at so many restaurants. Speedy service and easy option to the old way of getting a family meal you can just go online and order all kinds of foods and it will arrive in 15 to 30 minutes. The have these motorbike delivery guys equipped with mobile phones ready to run up to your place or work and hand your desired food item. The other day I ordered roast duck and last night just a couple of cafe drinks. Also just new info, I have now experienced a real bubble tea. I thought boba/bubble tea little circles were supposed to be chewy. No they aren’t supposed to be chewy and gross. They need to be boiled for a long time in a nice sweet syrup so that the consistency is soft similar to ikura sushi. In Taiwan they had prepared the drinks nicely like I’m finding here but in Hawaii and the rest of the States the boba was really chewy so I gave up on it. The sweet milk tea drinks here and 80 cent delivery fee is what will  give me a weight gain challenge. It’s just too tasty and easy. My kids are bigger now but if I had this option when I had those no shower no time for myself days it could have made dark days livable and healthier since the only option for easy meals back home were usually fast food chains or that sad salty rotisserie grocery chicken. I could have ordered healthy 🍖🌽🍓food in 15mins when I struggled to run a business raise the kids and not be a total wreck. What a difference those years could have been. Wouldn’t you like a toasty caramel latte delivered to your door? One scoop of ice cream handed to you or for the sleep deprived ear infection baby 👶🏻 momma needing good soup🍲Delivered for less than $1 in 15 mins ??? Yes it’s in China. So, let’s just lounge on the sofa and play our new game- what other yummy food can we order and see how fast it will get to our door. I love it. 


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