Scare your family and get youthful skin at the same time 👻😊

I knew about these face masks before I moved here but now I just cannot get away from them here in Asia.They are so crazy popular! They even have stores dedicated just to selling these things. All kinds of face masks are available to keep your skin nice and dewy. Since moving to China my skin need

ed to get used to the different water and air. The air is much drier than my rainy Oregon. It is also has the smog so I am in need of skin clearing on a daily basis. Thank goodness for the face mask culture. Not only do I need the simple ready to use help but it’s very amusing to read the package labels. Some popular ones are:🐌 snail slime, natto (the stinky fermented Japanese soy beans slime), cucumber cooling and 🍷wine masks. One of beautiful girlfriends at home said she liked to use one everyday to help with hydration 💧and feeling of relaxed as she puts on the mask automatically feeling calm. She even put one on during a long international flight- my beauty hero.  But unlike my zen seeking beauty conscious friend, I love the scare factor that these masks have. I can walk around the corners of my home and instantly freak out my husband and kids-They said I looked  a bit like a scary movie character👽.  So there are hundreds of kinds of these masks ranging in thickness of mask, serum, price etc. I do notice a great difference when I wear the mask as my skin absorbs the serum from the fabric. I usually wear it for about 20-30 mins. Another beauty tip my friend taught me was to keep the left over serum in the packet to use the next day or to hydrate your décolletage neck area, hands and legs. So many masks to try out. Now husband can feel good that he now knows something to buy for me for gift occasions. On the Sephora website I saw masks for $6 to $15 each. Luckily I live in Asia and I am able to get them for way cheaper, 50cents and few dollars per mask. You can also buy in bulk online and get a good price. I plan to gather a ton of these and use once a day. I feel it’s such a treat after walking around the city and studying- ok I don’t study as much as I should but I intend to study more so I need the masks. I need all the help I can and I love the results and the freak out the fam option.  🎃👻Trick or treating this year Moms?=instant costume.👽

  • picture info:
  • mask store-they only sell masks!! 🎭I find many stores just like this.
  • compressed masks without serum so you can make your own, just add serum
  • Watson’s, Walmart mask display
  • blue pillow of some male celebrity/model I saw while waiting in line to buy a mask
  • scary mama 👽wearing a face mask trying to keep stay youthful



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