🍅 tomato & toast, veggies to balance my life 😬

I’m taking advantage of the easy delivery services that they have here in China. I don’t have my car and it’s tiresome to carry the market goods for the family so I am now ordering in. You can get anything you like delivered to your doorstep. So nice and almostimg_5348 too easy if not for my language classes and mom duties I might never leave my home. Since I am waiting for my iron cookware to arrive in my household shipment I’m using my new rice cooker and clay pot crockpot for cooking . So 仿便fāngbiàn/convenient! I’m getting used to this new way of shopping. Next I will learn how to buy from Taobao, it’s like Amazon prime but faster / in one day delivery !! Amazing! And it will also be good bc it’s all in Chinese with pictures so it will almost be like studying- this is what I tell husband about how shopping on Taobao is a very good idea for learning the difficult language. 🙂📚



2 thoughts on “🍅 tomato & toast, veggies to balance my life 😬

    • Yes! There are so many nice giant malls here that there is a lot of opportunity to do window shopping. I think people enjoy going to the mall here just because they are so big and have nice food courts. Many of them have ice skating rinks and giant TV screens.


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