I cannot look out my window and my teeth hurt. Bruxing issues  walking to the metro. 😬

I’ve gotten used to being a little dangerous here in China. Walking to class I prefer the road instead of the sidewalk clutter and I’m now accustomed to taxis and motorbikes just zooming inches away from me. When my kids were little I purchased the fancy 5 point harness strollers and car seats. Here, I get in a car and sometimes it’s just optional for a belt so I just gotta be okay with it. I’ve noticed workers around the city in the middle of busy streets jumping around ninja style working hard fixing windows, buildings etc and with the confidence and balance of an Olympic athlete. Just freaks me out every time. It’s like real time spider man at times. Even the drivers here just miss each other by inches but don’t flinch – how do they do it. I’m still a novice at crossing the street. I’ve also diagnosed myself with a bruxing problem as I clench my teeth tightly as I cross the street or on a sidewalk as an e-bike plays chicken. My aching jaw and teeth are feeling the stress. So I now make a conscious effort to not clench my bite when crossing intersections. So this is just everyday life trying not to get another torn ACL or die and just make it to school. I’m the only one that looks out of place as all the locals- especially the old grandparents-  are so badass cool and calm. They almost look graceful walking or riding their bikes and there I am bruxing and acting like a crazy chicken. Even my son complained that I squeezed his hand too tightly and I hurt him when crossing the street. Poor kid. His mom is such a mess. Then I look out my window and there are these guys. No need for harness, hard hat or work gloves – actually no one I see wears work gloves – and they fix the glass roof of the mall. I feel my body shiver and close the curtains  bc it’s so dangerous-to me- but apparently not them. I remember about 9 years ago looking to buy a condo in south China and the realtor had us climbing over concrete walls and ledges to look at the space, which was normal I guess. So I’m getting used to this new life . One day I will master the street intersection. I won’t flinch or cuss or bite my teeth and be awkward. My goal is to be as easy going as the seniors with the street swagger. Old people here are awesome. Maybe it’s all that ballroom dancing and herbal tea? I don’t know but I’ll investigate and learn the secret. I still luv 🇨🇳 and China loves me too, we are good friends and learning everyday. Pretty amazing experience.🙂💟🇨🇳


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