The must have fashion item of the season and H&M sizing 👗😳. Where is Nordstroms during my fashion 911 or 119 here in 🇨🇳

All my clothes are still in the port of Tianjin at customs. It’s getting colder and I’m getting worried that I just may have to buy new clothes for the cold weather. I’ve been wearing the same 2 pair of jeans 👖 👖and I feel so out of fashion. Unfortunately there is a big gala this weekend  and I don’t have a party dress. So bc of the clothes being locked up and this weekend party I decided to go shopping. In the States I’m about a medium but here I am a size giant. It’s awful. My body type is just alien to all the clothing stores here. Even jewelry! I remember I was looking at gold bangles in HK and the store keeper told me that they only made jewelry to fit Chinese women, so I guess that meant I had thick wrists or something in his opinion. That’s ok though- Chow Tai Fook, liked my wrists and they had the best gold bangles anyway. In Asia, the clothes are just cut very slim. When I was pregnant living in Japan it was the same issue. Buying batik dresses in Jakarta it was also a problem. Today I learned that at China 🇨🇳 H&M I am a size 42 /12US and it’s still very tight. It’s also the largest size they carry in the store. 😳  My love of fashion has just disappeared. I can’t even think about style bc I have to find the right fit first. I also noticed EVERYONE is wearing this brown Burberry-esque trench. I see it on women, men even at my son’s school the little kids wearing this same trench, so popular as if it’s this season’s uniform. I wonder if it’s just a huge trend here or other places as well.  I hope we can get our household shipment soon so I can wear my own winter wear and not need to buy a size 42 H&M trenchcoat. Also just for a comparison, my Chinese size 42 H&M snug 👗 dress is the same as a size 8 🇮🇹 Dolce Gabbana 💃🏻. I wish I had packed that Dolce dress in my checked baggage.


2 thoughts on “The must have fashion item of the season and H&M sizing 👗😳. Where is Nordstroms during my fashion 911 or 119 here in 🇨🇳

  1. Hey Elisabeth! Took me awhile, but I’m in now! So exciting to see you’re getting your blog going! You doing quite well! 1185 followers! Nice:) How’d you manage that so quickly? I’m glad to see it looks like you’re adjusting and having a fun time in Tianjin. Adjusting to sizes is always difficult when you move abroad. I remember that as well. Your Durian nightmare was funny. Miss you and thinking of you! -Mandy
    P.S. I will send you a link to our travel FB page too so we can share:) Our website is a very slow work in progress but it does exist!

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