A little bit of Portland. organic delivery.


So remember my episode at the local market where I got kicked out of line bc I didn’t package my veggies correctly with a bar code? How I was so tired from carrying all the market goods in my oversized backpack? Yes, I am used to the best organic greens and markets being from Portland and now I have found a local business to let me feel more at home- except this market delivers the goods to my apartment !!! Hooray win for once. Fresh Farm Plus will deliver a box of goodies to me weekly. Organic veggies and eggs. This is going to be a game changer in my life. No more stress carrying the eggs trying to cross the busy street and hoping not to crash and break, no more worrying about where the food was grown and handled. This will also help me to be a healthier eater bc I have become a regular at the Mài dāng láo =Macdonalds, don’t judge me until you try moving here and get really hangry. img_5170


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