Moistening lung soup and mugwort bath at the spa.

I love going to the spa. I used to visit my club everyday to exercise and sauna so for me this is important. First off, they have a real spa here with spa tx’s as you can see in the pic. I told you things were  sometimes costly right!? 688RMB is about $103 US. I have never had any of those spa treatments so they might just be worth it. Sounds like they use harry potter product line but it could also be some rare special Chinese medicine that I need to learn about.  It could be the lung exercise is some form of breathing yoga? not sure.  It makes me think they feel the need for lung health bc of the poor air quality. I will look at the main spa menu next and see what else is popular. The pool is nice, good my kids all can swim (thx u MAC club!) bc it is all deep end. I like pilates, weights and kind of hate hamster machine style cardio. My treat is the spa. I will inquire with the staff what all the lung treatments are about and report back. It is a beautiful place, I enjoy walking fancy through the main lobby. I wish there were classes to join but there is a nice studio with all of the equipment. I could start my own yogapants class and see if anyone would join me and make up something together.


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