It’s a holiday and a weekend so it’s back to school.

October 1st is Chinese National Day. It’s a 7 day holiday, they also call it “golden week”. I recall in Japan they also had a golden week. All I know is -DO NOT travel last minute or without buying train tickets ahead of time bc the main stations were packed – I mean super packed. I saw pics of the Portland MAX train on bball game day and that looks nice and lonely compared to the armpit in your face kind of packed that a Chinese holiday will give you. Also FYI – even as it was packed the people were so kind on the train. M got swept away from me and a nice young man helped him return safely-really kind. Luckily the boys made it home from school by metro and I was happy to see them. Until- I found out the holiday was misleading. Usually if you get a holiday you include weekends right? Well in China they are very serious about school- so if there is a holiday then they will make up class hours by having school on Saturday & Sunday. So I thought I would have the boys till Monday but they left this evening to return to the dorm for early Saturday classes. I also will escort the little one to school tomorrow morn. I think it’s just going to mess with my brain, feeling like a Monday but it’s a Saturday for 7 straight days of class till next Monday. I remember in PDX the big buzz when snow or “black ice” days would interfere with the school schedule. Imagine if they said everyone had to goto school on the weekend!! Haha.i think they would go crazy.


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