Durian Nightmare :(

I understand that Durian is a beloved food item in Asia. I grew up smelling it, having the grown ups say it the “fruit of the gods” kind of crazy talk. When you walk into an Asian market you will smell it and think to yourself that there is a rotten dying something in the house. Well, now it’s here in my face all the time. At the market, in the elevator, chasing me around like a ghost with bad breath. Anyway my unfortunate experience was that the Durian beat me and won.

My son and I visited the same bakery 2 times, each time he bought the vanilla popsicle and  it was delicious. This past  time I was distracted by all the pastry goodies and he forced his dessert in my face and said “hey mom what’s this flavor?” and I of course took a big bite because I like vanilla popsicles. Yes, but of course it wasn’t vanilla, it was a durian popsicle. How cruel is that!? A durian popsicle. I spit it out and couldn’t get the strong farty cantaloupe vapor away from my tongue. My durian loving friends promise that if I eat this fruit 4-5 times I will start to love it and how it will be so healthy, makes you look young and how it is so good for me. I just can’t do it- right now. I’ve endured painful beauty treatments so I guess my beautiful durian eater friends might have a point but for now I just run away from it. So I will carefully read labels now that I am living in Asia. I’ve now witnessed: durian candy, durian ice cream, durian crackers, durian Papa Beard custard puffs, steamy custard durian cafe lattes ( the ultimate of high level heavy pungent durian vapor) and many more. 😦




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