Hot PotπŸ₯˜πŸŒΆπŸ”₯

  Can you recognize any of this food? The bamboo with green substance, pink noodles? What is it!?  Well this is Hot Pot- not shabu shabu, not sukiyaki or fondue. 

Fish meat is spooned out of the green bamboo into the boiling broth ( your choice of hot spicy 🌢 and lava πŸ”₯ spicy). Either broth is good but prepare yourself ahead of time. I knew I was in for some kind of foodie experience as my husband told me to wear layers because you get all sweaty from the heat of the table and spicy food. They put an apron on you as well as cover all the chairs ( your purse and coat that hangs on the chair) with special chair linen so the splashing hot red soup doesn’t ruin your clothes or belongings. Some of these guys at the table next to us were so hot they were pulling up their shirts above their bellies and covering their nipples revealing the need to cool down. I’ve noticed in the summer this strange phenomenon of men wearing t-shirts as tube tops is how they cool down without taking off their shirt all together. My girlfriends were local and they were about to get all into this hot pot. I didn’t want to slow them down as I was new to it so I just said go ahead and order anything. So they did: fish paste-that’s the green bamboo and white plate- that gets spooned in balls then dropped into the pot and floats up to a fluffy yummy fish ball softer than a marshmallow (my favorite), pink noodle looking duck intestines that were little chewy but good , quail eggs, beef stomach that was blackish and sponges chewy and less tripey than I remembered the pho soup back home, lamb on a stick- a real stick that you’d just grab off a shrub, some other things I wasn’t sure what they were but good. One of my faves was the pickled vinegar garlic. I could have eaten all of that but I would like to be invited again by the girlfriends so I needed to share. It was really hot. My hair near my face and ears dripped with sweat like I haven’t experienced. This was no ordinary sweat on the nose a little from your tom yum soup, it was a different level of lava tounge. But it was good. They had a littler show with singing, comedy, magic and gave me a red envelope with a coupon for my next visit. I though I watched a lot of food network, but this was a definite food first for me. πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…


Moncafe- a coffee shop inspired by monchichis.Β 

I never had a monchichi baby as a kid but I do remember them with their pudgy faces sucking their thumbs. Weird little things. Wasn’t there also a cartoon show as well? A new cafe opened complete with a life sized monchichi in the front window greeting  everyone. Even though I haven’t been in the cafe (just because I feel it’s awkward )it looks like other people like the his place. Maybe it has great coffee or a good deal on one of the discounts apps. They put a lot of effort into the construction and decor so hopefully it will stay popular. It is a nice change of scenery than the same old Starbucks, so at least it has something new to see.

Snow ❄️ in the evening.

I was planning to go out with girlfriends, reservations to visit a foot massage spa. Walked outside to find this. Impossible to  find a taxi- our plans cancelled but I think it’s just fine. Walking on the crispy snow with the white cloudy purple sky, made my evening. πŸ’œ. Not sure what it reminded me of this combo of purple snow but it was a good forgotten memory I was reliving. Small things can make me happy it seems. 

It’s very common to share the elevator with a 🐢 dog, an old man lights his smoke🚬and a 🏍 moped all at once or multiples of either mentioned. Maybe all together on the moped with the dog smoking or vice versa while all of us are wearing pajamas. Nothing surprises me anymore. Now I just expect. This isn’t the Olive Garden Appleees world I lived in 6 months ago. #china #chinaelevators #letsbondwearingpjs #parkthemopedinthekitchen

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